My name is Pallavi Prakash Jha. I am an Architect / Interior Designer / Urban Planner by profession, currently employed with JUIDCO Ltd, Gov of Jharkhand as Urban Planner/ Designer, Ranchi. I have studied Architecture from Mumbai University, India and i have done my masters in City and Regional Planning from the Ohio State University, USA.

With architecture and interior design, I am more inclined towards green building and intelligent spacial planning considering affordability. I proficiently use many different softwares that enable me with time saving accurate techniques for architectural design and planning.
I have over ten years of experience in using GIS in planning. I use many GIS software for modelling site contours for accurate slope analysis, comprising extraction of buildable area (BUP) as per slope restriction, watershed modeling for marking conservation areas, creating comprehensive map for spotting maximum height limitation based on airport regulations, projecting maps on google earth, getting right coordinates for construction using GPS, recommending appropriate satellite image for mapping, route analysis, cut fill analysis, CAD to GIS conversion  and much more. I am currently blogging on outlines for smart cities in developing countries context at www.smartcityresidents.blogspot.in. The aim is to spread awareness about smart cities among common people so that they are more informed about the related subjects and issues, thus encouraging conscious peoples participation.

My Resume

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